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Want to Get Rid Of Leg Pain Once And For All?

This full leg compression sleeve is meant to elevate your everyday fitness & well-being. Whether you're are looking for basketball leg sleeves, or seeking major relief from joint pain or arthritisthis one is for you.

The microfiber 3D elastic technology regulates blood circulation and provides extra support & balanced protection for your femur, tibia, and patella regions. NO MORE JOINT PAIN.

Studies and reports have shown that your knees, at times, bear 5 times your body weight. YIKES! This full leg compression sleeve supports and alleviates pressure put on your knees. Protecting joints is crucial for avoiding long term health issues like arthritis, torn meniscus, bursitis or even dislocations

Perfect For: all sports including but not limited to Soccer, Basketball, Football, Running, Wrestling, Golf and Crossfit and other workouts. Suitable for men and women.

This world's best full leg sleeve has helped millions of runners, cyclists, and fitness fans, arthritis / joint-pain relief seekers, construction workers (any job requiring heavy lifting), weightlifters, swimmers, golfers worldwide. 

Feel the freedom of being able to go anywhere without leg pain! Whether it’s hiking trails, moving boxes, or playing your favorite sport, the PainAway™ original knee support sleeve does it all. 

This has been tested and proven to work effectively, recommended by orthopedics all around the world.

2,325 customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars


Verified Purchase

10/10 recommend for knee pain.

I love this product. I've had knee problems and these are very helpful. I wear them when I workout, walk or generally when my knees are bothering me. I wear them almost everyday and my knees don't hurt at all whether lifting, doing squats or running around for 1-2 hours!

10/10 recommend for knee discomfort. This is the best leg compression sleeve I've ever worn so far. Loving it! 

Ryan - Greenpoint, New York


Improve Your Quality Of Life Today With

The New & Improved PainAway™ Leg Sleeve


  • RELIEVE JOINT PRESSURE: Compression is proven to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention.Relieves muscles stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints allowing you to perform at your peak in all situations.
  • REDUCE LIGAMENT STRESS: Less muscle fatigue and damage with graduated compression fit for circulatory benefits, faster recovery & injury treatment, reducing knee instability in the anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral ligaments. (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL)
  • STRONGER LIFTING POWER: PainAway Leg Sleeve allows you to lift your knees easier when bending or squatting both legs, providing a noticeable boost when lifting heavy objects.
  • WORK EASIER & LONGER: Feel the increased power when on the job. Ideally used in professions requiring excessive knee movement such as gardening, construction, delivery service, inspections, mechanic, etc.
  • PLAY BETTER & FASTER: Get the extra support you need while hiking, biking, working out, playing golf, badminton, tennis and many more. The versatility of PainAway™ is endless, improve your game in every facet.

5 REASONS PEOPLE LOVE PainAway™ Leg Compression Sleeve

  • COMFORTABLE - Lightweight, Breathable & Adjustable comfort fit with quadruple elastic stretch that won't roll, slide or slip. No skin irritation or itchiness.
  • ODOR RESISTANT: Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric resists odors and bacteria.
  • PROTECTION: This compression sleeve retains warmth and provides comfort, superior flexibility & durability for daily wear.
  • PERFORMANCE: Enhance Oxygenation of blood to increase muscle performance & accelerate recovery of injured muscles, joints, etc.
  • ERGONOMICHigh quality, anti-slip double stitching texture technology provides superior mobility, comfort & durability. Allows for hours of continuous use.

PainAway™ Is Perfect For


It's life changing for people who have been suffering through years of knee & leg pain.


Perfect for everyday activities, sports trainings, hiking, biking and walking.


Helps support your knees in your day to day living.

Get yours now and feel the difference!

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The Perfect Fit for All Shapes and Sizes

Choose from the four different sizes to ensure maximum comfort for your legs. Please make sure to check size chart to get accurate measurement.
Keep in mind that our sizes are based on average compression pressure, but each sleeve can expand to up to 60% more which is the max number on the list below. 


Need More Reasons To Buy PainAway™ Leg Compression Sleeves?


The average hospital cost for a knee surgery in the United States is about $50,000. You can get the best leg compression sleeve for as low as $19.98 each and protect your knees! That’s a total savings of 50% Plus Free Shipping!

  • Discretely designed to be invisible under long pants.
  • Revolutionary support strips give full range of motion while protecting from twists and sprains.
  • Easy-breathe, machine washable materials keep your knees at just the right temperature.
  • Perfect for People of All Ages and Fitness Levels.
30 day satisfaction gurantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I determine the size?

Please refer to the size chart HERE. Measure the circumference of your leg 5 inches above the knee. If you are in between two sizes order the smaller one as it will stretch out a bit over time


Does this product help with leg cramps?


How thick are these? Are they more like a pair of tights or an actual woven sleeve?

These leg sleeves are very thin and more like a leg of tights. They will easily conceal under a pair of pants and no one, including yourself will ever know. 

What's it made of? Is this hypoallergenic?

The fabric is made of High Quality Fabric: 68% Nylon Fabric and 32% Spandex. No skin irritation or itchiness unless you are allergic to spandex.

What if I want a bundle but in different sizes?

You can simply leave a note at checkout. 

Does this pull on? or does it wrap around the leg?

It pulls onto your leg. These don’t slip off, they stay firm and secure on your thighs and calves.

How do you wash these?

We recommend washing our compression items in cold water and air drying them (away from the sun). 

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Thousands Of Happy Customers Can't Stop Raving About The PainAway™ Leg Compression Sleeve

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